Smash Ultimate - Summer - Week 2


Hello smashers! Welcome to the first ever season of NUEL Smash Ultimate where we give you the opportunity to battle it out against fellow students from across the country in epic 1 day biweekly tournaments. Battle your way to the top and claim the title of being one of the best university Smash Ultimate players in the UK!

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple players from the same university are welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Lets Fight!

How to register

Once you’ve registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team, or join an existing one from your university

Player registration closes a few days before the tournament starts; so be sure to sign up in time.

Need help?

Need help? Feel free to look through our rules doc to see if that clears up your issue. We also highly recommend you join the NUEL Discord where you can message our dedicated team of admins day or night! Additionally you can also reach us at support@thenuel.com


Stage Date
Registration open June 17
Registration close July 2
Tournament start date July 3


Position Prize
1st TBD
2nd TBD
3rd TBD


Double Elimination: Best of Three (3)

Grand Finals will be Best of Five (5) with option of brakcet reset from losers bracket

Smash Ultimate Ruleset

Find the full ruleset here.

Game Settings

  • Stocks: 3
  • Timer: 8 min
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Spirits: Off
  • Items: Off and None
  • Stage Hazards: OFF
  • All series played are first to 2 (Best of 3), except the grand finals which is first to 3 (Best of 5).
  • Highest seed will strike a stage first and first pick a character.
  • Both players can swap characters after a match but the winner of the previous match must pick the character first.
  • Players cannot select to play on a stage they have won on previously.
  • All Players must be present by the Match start time and have to be ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the Match start time.

Starter Stages

  • Battlefield*
  • Final Destination**
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Pokemon Stadium 1
  • Smashville

Counterpick Stages

  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Town & City
  • Unova Pokemon League
  • Yoshi’s Story

*On Counterpick, any version Battlefield may be used, so long as it was not banned by the opponent

** On Counterpick, any version of Final Destination may be used, so long as it was not banned by the opponent


Position Prize
1st TBD
2nd TBD
3rd TBD

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The tournament consists of three (3) biweekley double elimination tournaments that are not linked (except in regards to seeding) and each tournament will be prized separately.

Each series will be first to two (2), with the winner progressing in the tournament and the loser either being eliminated or moved into the losers bracket.

The grand final will be a first to three (3) series with a bracket reset if the player from the winners bracket loses the first series.

Tournament nights are every other week on a Wednesday with check ins required to ensure that you’re provided matches for that days tournament.

Week Matches at 7:00pm Checkin closes Format
Week 1 July 03 6:30pm Double Elim Tournament
Week 2 July 18 6:30pm Double Elim Tournament
Week 3 August 01 6:30pm Double Elim Tournament


Double Elimination: Best of three (3)

Grand Finals will be Best of five (5) with option of bracket reset from losers bracket.

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