University Siege League - Play-offs


Welcome Operators, to the Spring Split of the University Siege League! (USL). Battle it out against Universities across the UK to prove you have what it takes to be the best. We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved as it’s a really enjoyable experience that you can’t miss out on.

After a staggering number of non-mixed team signups (77%) in the winter split, we will be switiching to full university teams. Along with this change we will also no longer allow for resecheduling matches, they must all be played on Thursday night.

How to register

Once you’ve registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team, or join an existing one from your university

Teams are able to add new players and change their rosters throughout the tournament

Need help?

You are required to be in the USL Discord if competing in the tournament. there you will find out dedicated support channels, tournament announcements, staff etc.

You will also find the #league-rules channel which should be checked along with the rules doc if you are having any issues prior to contacting an admin.


Stage Date
Registration open Jan 24
Registration close Feb 4
Swiss Stage February 7 - March 7
Semi-finals March 14 - 21
LAN Finals (TBA) April 4


Position Prize
1st £500
2nd £125

USL - Rainbow 6 Siege Rules

View full rules doc here.

Teams will play in the 6-round Role Swap format, consisting of 6 rounds attack then swapping to 6 rounds of defence with the winning team being the first to win 7 rounds. If the score is 6-6 then a 3-round overtime begins to decide the winner.


  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings

  • Number of Bans: 4
  • Ban Timer: 30
  • Number of Rounds: 12
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
  • Overtime: 3 Rounds
  • Overtime score difference: 2
  • Overtime role change: 1
  • Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker unique spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • 6TH Pick Phase: On
  • 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • Damage handicap: 100
  • Friendly fire damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Off

Game mode: TDM Bomb

  • Plant duration: 7
  • Defuse duration: 7
  • Fuse time: 45
  • Preparation: 45
  • Action: 180


  • Lion, Kaid and Nomad are not allowed to be used!
  • All other operators are allowed.

The League will also feature the Operator/Map ban phase and 6th pick as seen in ESL with the following maps being in the pool:

  • Bank
  • Border
  • Club House
  • Consulate
  • Coastline
  • Oregon
  • Villa

Make sure you join the discord to keep updated on the league, there’s also a #league_rules text channel with detailed lobby settings and screenshots of how the game lobbies should be setup.


Position Prize
1st £500
2nd £125

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The tournament consists of five (5) weeks where week one will consist of (3) Best of Ones (Bo1) then returning to one (1) Best of Three (Bo3) for the remaining 4 weeks which will be played each once a week in a swiss style format. The Top 8 teams from swiss (ties decided by OMWP) will move onto the quarter-finals. Playoff matches will be one (1) Best of Three (Bo3) excluding finals which will be Best of 5 (Bo5).

Tournament nights are every Thursday 7pm and like mentioned earlier the rescheduling of swiss and playoff matches will no longer be able to be rescheduled.


Week Matches at 7:00pm Format
Week 1 3 3x Bo1
Week 2 1 1x Bo3
Week 3 1 1x Bo3
Week 4 1 1x Bo3
Week 5 1 1x Bo3


Week Matches at 7:00pm Teams Format
Quarters 1 8 1x Bo3
Semis 1 4 1x Bo3
Finals 1 2 1x Bo5


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