Overwatch Campus Clash - Summer - Week 2


Welcome Heroes, to the Summer Season of the Overwatch Campus Clash!

Assemble a team of Overwatch players from your university and compete for your chance to win Battlenet vouchers! Each university may field an unlimited number of teams with any skill range, as each team will be seeded to create fair and competitive games.

Gather up your fellow students and participate in our Summer Tournament!

How to register

Once you’ve registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team, or join an existing one from your university

Team registration does not close once the tournament starts, and your free to join throughout the season.Teams can add new players and edit their roster throughout the tournament.

Need help?

Need help? Feel free to look through our rules doc to see if that clears up your issue. We also highly recommend you join the NUEL Discord where you can message our dedicated team of admins day or night! Additionally you can also reach us at support@thenuel.com


Stage Date
Registration open June 17
Registration close June 29
Swiss July 8 - July 29
Play-offs Aug 5 - Aug 19

Spring Stage Prizes

Position Prize
1st 6x £40 Battle.net gift card
2nd 6x £30 Battle.net gift card
3rd 6x £15 Battle.net gift card
The NUEL Overwatch Campus Clash Winter Split explanation

Overwatch Rules

You can view the full rules document here.

All results should be submitted using tournament companion.

For the best-of-three (bo3) series, Weekly game mode rotation, check the Overwatch announcements channel in the NUEL discord for more information.

Tiebreaker map: Decided before the night’s games begin, check the Overwatch announcements channel in the NUEL discord for more information.

For the best-of-five (bo5) series, the format will continue throughout playoffs, following the game modes and map pool shown below

Control / Escort / Assault / Hybrid / Control

  • Control: Busan / Ilios / Nepal.
  • Escort: Watchpoint: Gibraltar / Junkertown / Havana
  • Assault: Temple of Anubis / Volskaya Industries / Paris
  • Hybrid: Numbani / Eichenwalde / Hollywood
  • Control: One of the two maps that were not chosen from Map 1

Tiebreaker map: Control map that was not played of the three maps during the original Best-of-Five (Bo5) series

Custom Game Settings:

  • Rule set: Competitive
  • Disable Kill Cam: ON
  • Disable Skins: ON

Spring Stage Prizes

Position Prize
1st 6x £40 Battle.net gift card
2nd 6x £30 Battle.net gift card
3rd 6x £15 Battle.net gift card

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The tournament consists of four (4) weeks of play where two (2) Best of three’s (Bo3) are played each night in a swiss style format. The Top 8 teams will then move into our Play-offs, which is a single elimination format where teams will play one (1) best of five (5) series a week until they are eliminated.

Tournament nights are every Monday with check ins required to ensure that you’re provided matches for that day


Week Matches at 7:15pm Checkin closes Format
Week 1 July 8 6:30pm 2x Bo3
Week 2 July 15 6:30pm 2x Bo3
Week 3 July 22 6:30pm 2x Bo3
Week 4 July 29 6:30pm 2x Bo3


Playoffs for the top eight (8) teams will be a Single Elimination format.

Week Matches at 7:15pm Stage Format
Week 1 Aug 5 Quarter Finals 1x Bo5
Week 2 Aug 12 Semi Finals 1x Bo5
Week 3 Aug 19 Grand Finals / 3rd + 4th 1x Bo5

Log in to your account to create or join a team.


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Championship points

The top 8 teams from each split receive Championship Points based on their Winter playoffs finishing position and Spring Swiss finishing position. See tables below for the current standings and the points that teams will receive for the Spring swiss.

Winter Stage Playoffs

Pos Team University Points
1 Underwatch University of York 800
2 Y E E T Staffordshire University 700
3 L.U Press Q Loughborough University 600
4 :french_bread: University of Leicester 500
5 BU Esports Bournemouth University 400
6 Boyd Orr Body Shots University of Glasgow 300
7 Coventry Phoenix Ice Coventry University 200
8 TragIC Imperial College London 100

Spring Stage Swiss

Pos Points
1 1600
2 1400
3 1200
4 1000
5 800
6 600
7 400
8 200