Season / Overwatch

NUEL Overwatch Summer Championship


Start Date
Thursday 27th July

Check-in Deadline

Start Time

Number of Games
3 Bo1, or 2 Bo3 each night

Sign-up Eligibility
All players must be current students or students who have graduated this year with verified NUEL accounts

Team Size

Sign-up Deadline
Tuesday 25th July


Each Game night starts 7.15pm on Thursday Evening.

27th July Swiss League
3rd August Swiss League
10th August Swiss League
17th August Swiss League

24th August Semifinals & Finals

The Summer Championship will be ran In 2 stages a 4 week league followed by single elimination top 4 (semis & finals).

Weeks 1-4


For the first four weeks of the Overwatch tournament we will be running a 10 rounds of swiss across 4 weeks (3 Bo1 games a night for first two weeks, 2 Bo3s a night for the third and fourth weeks). In a swiss everyone plays all rounds and teams are then ranked on number of wins. Teams will always play against someone with same number of wins. E.g. If you win your first game and lose second the the third game you will play against someone else with 1 win and 1 loss. Sometimes it is not possible to pair everyone with someone with exactly same number of wins in this situation we try and match closest fit. Eg if there is only one team with 7 wins they will play versus a team with 6 wins. Teams tied on wins in final standing will be ordered by OMWP(opponent match win percentage). An example of how OMPW is used in guild wars https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Match_win_percentage

Weeks 5

Top 4

After the swiss stage finishes, the top 4 will be seeded into a single elimination bracket. Semifinals will be bo3 and grand finals will be bo5.

Overwatch Rules

Map Selection should be done using pre-game lobby chat.

  • All results should be submitted using tournament companion.
  • The available map pool is: All Maps.

Map Selection will be determined as follows depending on number of rounds in a match:

  • Best-of-Five (Bo5)-Teams alternate banning maps until 5 maps remain, these maps are then played in a random order.
  • Best-of-Three (Bo3)-Teams alternate banning maps until 3 maps remain, these maps are then played in a random order.
  • Best-of-One (Bo1)-Teams alternate banning maps until 1 map remains, this is then the map played.

Map ties will be settled by a Bo1 Control map announced before that night’s games begin.

Custom Game Settings:

  • Rule set: Competative
  • High bandwidth: ON
  • Return To Lobby: After A Game
  • Hero Selection Limit: 1 Per Team
  • Disable Kill Cam: ON

Full rules doc will be available before season starts.


1st Place

6x NUEL Exclusive NUEL winners Hoodies

Further prizes for the Summer Tournament TBC

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