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The National Championship



Full details can be found on the National Championship page. The National Championship has 4 stages, games played on Sunday evenings:

All teams compete in the Qualification Tournament to determine seeding into the Monthly Tournaments. The top 8 teams qualify for the November Super 8 Division, and everyone else is seeded into the S-League.

Monthly Tournament
Final positon at the end of two weeks of games determines which Play-off Tournament teams are seeded in to. Teams earn Championship points each month based on how well they perform in the Play-offs.

Wildcard Tournament
The top 73 teams with the most Championship points at the end of the season, (not including the 3 that automatically qualify for the Grand Finals), play in the Wildcard Tournament with one final spot available in the Grand Finals for the winner.

The Grand Finals
The top 3 teams with the most Championship points and the winner of the Wildcard Tournament compete to decide the champion of the National Championship.

Important Info

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Team Size
5 to 7 players studying at the same university during the 2014/15 academic year

NUEL account with verified university email address

Game Mode
5v5 Tournament Draft, Summoners Rift

Number of Games
3 - 4 games, every Sunday

Start time
6.45pm on Sunday, games cannot be rescheduled


Proxy Pick

Pause Timer
15mins per team


The Tournament will be structured as follows:

October 12th to 19th: Qualification
November 2nd to 16th: November Tournament
November 23rd to December 7th: December Tournament

Still to come

February 15th to March 1st: March Tournament
March 7th & 8th: Wildcard Tournament
March 15th: Semi-Finals
March 29th: Final


Please contact us if you have any problems or questions, admins will also be available during the tournament:

Ian Claydon
NUEL Ian, ian@thenuel.com

Josh Williams
NUEL Josh, josh@thenuel.com

Christopher Henshaw
NUEL Hench, hench@thenuel.com

Register your team

Signups are currently closed for this tournament.

Final League Table

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How Qualification works (week 1)

March Championship Points

Points breakdown

Remember the March tournament is worth 50% more points!

Wildcard tournament


As well as the top 3 teams on championship points qualifying for the semi-finals the top 73 teams will be invited to our single elimination wildcard tournament for the final spot. The wildcard tournament will be 8 rounds across two evenings (7th & 8th March) with teams finishing higher in the regular season earning byes through the early rounds.

Final position in League Table Position in finals/wildcard tournament
1st-3rd Auto qualify for semi-finals
4th-6th 4 byes in wildcard
7th-16th 3 byes in wildcard
17th-32nd 2 byes in wildcard
33th-52nd 1 byes in wildcard
53th-76th 0 byes in wildcard


How it works


The semi finals will be best of 5 (BO5) held online on the 15th March. The highest seeded team will get choice of opposing team in the semi-final.

Grand final

The Grand final will be a live best of 5 (BO5) and held at the NUEL Live at Loughborough Student Union on 29th March.

Third place playoff

In addition there to the Grand Final a third place playoff will be played online on 22nd March.




  • Weekend at LCS in Berlin, including travel and accommodation
  • Exclusive hoodie from Riot, only avaliable to National University league winners within Europe
  • Trophy to be housed at University trophy cabinet
  • 9600 RP + Triumphant Ryze


  • Exclusive hoodie from Riot, only avaliable to National University league winners within Europe
  • 7200 RP
  • Final prize TBA


  • Exclusive hoodie from Riot, only avaliable to National University league winners within Europe
  • 4800 RP
  • Final prize TBA


  • 2400 RP
  • Final prize TBA

On the night information

Team Captain Meeting

Team captains are asked to join our teamspeak server at 6.30pm on Sunday for a short meeting, this will ensure that everyone is familiar with the setup of the evening and to ask any final questions before games start.

Where to find your fixtures

Your next fixture can be found on your companion, we call it that for a reason, it’ll be the most important tool you’ll use on the night. To load your companion, login on the homepage and click “Load tournament companion”.

You’ll no doubt want to see how well your rivals are doing and the performance of all the teams across the National Championship. You can see all the fixtures here.

How to join the right lobby

We use Tournament Codes to make it easy for you to find your opposition, you’ll find the tournament code for your fixture displayed on your companion.

To use the Tournament code, in client go to PLAY -> Custom -> Tournament Code (as shown below) and paste the entire code in the field provided.

How to enter results

On your companion, you should see the option to enter the result for that match. We require both teams to enter the result, so that we can confirm the result is correct. If there’s a conflict, you’ll have to provide the Tournament admins proof that your result is correct (e.g. screenshot of end game screen)

What time are games

Your first game will start at 6.45pm on Sunday (tomorrow), the game must start before 7.05pm otherwise a default win will be given to the team which is ready to play.

Games are expected to be played straight after each other, please remember that games take a varying amount of time to play and delays and pauses can increase the game time. As a general rule of thumb, we expect each game to take around 1 hour, however, we encourage you to start as soon as both teams are ready. Roughly, this weeks games should start around:

  • Game 1: ~6.45pm
  • Game 2: ~8pm
  • Game 3: ~9pm
  • Game 4: ~10pm

If you find you have been waiting over 20mins to start the game and your opposition have finished their previous fixture, please contact the Tournament admin team as default wins can be awarded if your opposition is time wasting.

Emergency subs

Your roster is now locked until after the tournament on Sunday, however, if your team is unexpectedly missing someone from your roster on tournament night, you can apply for an emergency sub. This allows you to add one player to your roster (providing this doesn’t exceed the limit of 7 players per team).

To apply for an emergency sub, simply give your sub the team password and get them to join the team as normal. This will put them into a pending state and notify the admins of your request which they will approve/disapprove appropriately.

Who to contact

During the tournament evening, the best way to contact the admins is via the website messaging system, use the “contact an admin” card on the homepage.

If you’d like to speak to us beforehand, feel free to message us through the website, on our teamspeak server (ts.thenuel.com:15557), in game or via email. You can find the Tournament admin teams details on this page.

Make sure you join our Facebook group too, where we’ll keep you informed of any issues or be able to answer your questions.

Stream info

We’ll be streaming games from our official Twitch channel.

If you’d like to stream your own games, that’s fine, we ask that you don’t stream games that we are streaming on our official channel. Please bare in mind that if you are streaming, your opposition could easily ghost you.


  • Chris Henshaw

    Lead Tournament Admin

    NUEL Hench


  • Josh Williams

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Josh


  • Ian Claydon

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Ian


  • Adam Hardy

    Tournament Admin



  • Daniel Jackson

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL TsunamiDan


How the S-League works

How the Super8 works


League of Legends National Championship Rules

Results & tournament:

  • Results must submitted by both captains on the tournament page before starting their next game.
  • Qualification Tournament Games start at 6:45pm both Sundays.
  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous round match).
  • Rosters lock at the end of signups. You must have your final roster sorted. After rosters are locked one Emergency Sub can be added to the team.
  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.

Click to visit the full ruleset

Qualification Tournament



S-League Playoffs

Super8 Promotions & Finals


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If my team doesn't enter the qualification tournament can we still enter the rest of the National Championship?
Yes, teams may enter at the start of each Monthly Tournament. Teams joining during the season will be placed on the bottom Step in the S-League.

Do I have to play every week?
Individuals do not have to play each week as teams may have to 7 players on their roster and can make changes to that roster at various points. If teams do not turn up to their games, they will be counted as losses and not be included in the play-offs.

Am I good enough to enter the NUEL?
Yes, we encourage player of all skill levels to join a team and get involved. We always attempt to match teams with similarly skilled teams in order to ensure competitive matches for all players throughout the season.

Can I swap teams mid season?
Yes, throughout the season there will be various chances to change teams provided you are playing with players from the same university.