Republic of Gamers Twitch Student Program

Season / League of Legends

NUEL League of Legends Spring Championship


Start Date
Sunday 11th February

Check-in Deadline

Start Time

Number of Games
3 games each night

Sign-up Eligibility
All players must be current students of the 2017/18 academic year with verified NUEL accounts

Team Size

Sign-up Deadline
Friday 9th February


Each Game night starts 6:45pm on a Sunday evening

11th February Regional League
18th February Regional League
25th February Regional League
4th March Regional League

11th March Break Week

18th March Nationals Group Stage + Best of the Rest
25th March Quarter & Semi Finals + Best of the Rest
TDB (6th, 7th or 8th April) Nationals Finals at NUEL Live

Weeks 1-4

Regional Leagues (Swiss)

For the first four weeks of the tournament Teams will be split into 4 regional leagues. We will be running 12 rounds of modified swiss across 4 weeks. In a swiss everyone plays all rounds and teams are then ranked on number of wins. Swiss works by matching teams with same win record against each other in each round. Eg teams with 2 wins play against other teams with 2 wins.

We will be using a modified swiss algorithm to do pairing. By pre generating a “swiss bracket” after check in we avoid the problem of having to wait for all games in a round to finish before starting next round. This also helps us reduce playing the same team twice but does not eliminate rematches altogether.

Teams tied on wins in final standing will be ordered by OMWP(opponent match win percentage).

Week 6-8

National Leagues

After the swiss stage finishes, the top 4 teams from each Region qualify for National league division 1 and 5-8th qualify for Nationals division 2. Each Nationals division will consist of 16 teams in split into 4 groups of 4 teams from different regions. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to quarterfinals. Quarterfinals and semifinals will be best of three and Grand finals will be best of five.

Best of the Rest (BOR)

All teams who do not qualify for Nationals leagues will entered into Best of the Rest. BOR will run as a continuation of regional swiss leagues however you will now be able to be matched versus teams from other regions.

League of Legends Rules

  • There will be a Check in system released during the tournament, you must check you team in on Sunday before 5.30pm. If a team does not check in by 5.30pm they will not be seeded into that evening’s fixtures.
  • Captains must be the player representing the team on tournament night. Results must be submitted by both captains via the companion before starting their next game. Failure of either of these may result in penalties.
  • We expect teams to remain sporting at all times, In the event of any flame or other poor sportsmanship please take screenshots and submit to admins.
  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous round match).
  • Rosters will be locked after the Check-in deadline. After roster lock, teams can make one emergency sub, which must be done 1 hour prior to any matches they wish to take part in.
  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.


Announced week commencing 5th February

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  • Chris Henshaw

    Lead Tournament Admin



  • Dean Oliver

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Deanish


  • Adam Hardy

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL addyal


  • Tom Goodman

    Tournament Admin



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