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The National Championship - Qualification


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Sign-up Eligibility
All players must be current students with verified NUEL accounts.

Sign-up Deadline
Thursday 29th October, 11.59pm

Start Time

Check-in Deadline
6pm, Sunday

Number of Games
Qualification, max 4 games

Captain's Document
Full information will be emailed to all captains after registering.


All games are played on Sunday nights, with the first game each night starting at 6.45pm.

Autumn Term

1st November Qualification
8th November Week 1
15th November Week 2
22nd November Week 3
29th November Week 4

Spring Term

7th February Week 5
14th February Week 6
21st February Wildcard & Regional Finals
28th February Semi Final
13th March Grand Final at NUEL Live

Season structure

University League of Legends season overview


Qualification will used to determine which teams get to play in the National League as well as initial seeding for regional and national league. Qualification will consist of 4 games on Sunday 1st of November. Similarly to last year teams will be initially seeded into groups based on soloque elo then each round teams will be paired against someone in the same group and if they win move up and if they lose move down.

Regional Leagues

This year we are splitting the tournament into 4 regional leagues. Exact boundaries are going to be confirmed after signups are closed but the 4 regions will be south west and wales, London and surrounding area, the midlands and finally the North and Scotland. For regional leagues will be using s-league pairing with a check in system each week and teams who don't check in won't get games that week but can return the following week. The s-league works by groups and if you win you move up and you lose you move down and at the end of the night each team earns championship points based on final group.

National League

The National league will consist of the top 64 or 80 teams depending on sign ups. It will have a similar s-league structure to regional leagues with a couple of small changes. Teams will be expected to show up each week with no check in and every other week the Top 4 teams will play a bo3 finals and bo3 decider game for 3rd/4th.

Regional/National League Promotion

Every other week the top 4 teams from each will get a chance to be promoted to national league if they win 2 out of 3 games playing against top teams from other regions as well as the bottom 12 teams from National League.

Wildcard Tournament

The top 2 teams on championship points will automatically progress to semi finals. The top 30-40 points teams will be entered into the wildcard tournament. This year the wildcard tournament will be double elimination with teams with higher championship points starting in the winner's bracket and earning byes into later rounds. Both the winner of losers and winners final will progress to semi finals.

Semi Finals

This year's will be held online and will be best of 5 games.

Grand Final

The grand finals will be held at this year's NUEL Live. The top 2 teams will meet live on stage in a best of 5 to determine this year's National Champion.

Regional League Finals

In addition to overall season finals this we will be inviting the top teams from each Regional League to compete in Regional League finals. There will be 4 regional finals one for each regional League.The exact details of these tournaments will be decided based on number of signups to main season but they will be either single or double elimination with teams with high Championship Points earning byes into later rounds.

Eligible to play

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Not eligible to play

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  • Chris Henshaw

    Lead Tournament Admin

    NUEL Hench


  • Ian Claydon

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Ian


  • Adam Hardy

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Addyal


  • Daniel Jackson

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL TsunamiDan


On-the-night Information

Checking in

In addition to signing up teams are required to “check in” to confirm they are playing or they will not have fixtures generated for them. To check in one member of your team must select the check in option on sunday before 6pm To load your companion, login on the homepage and click “Open tournament companion”.

Team Captains' Meeting

Team captains are asked to join our teamspeak server at 6.30pm on Sunday for a short meeting, this will ensure that everyone is familiar with the setup of the evening and to ask any final questions before games start.

Where to find your fixtures

We use Tournament Codes to make it easy for you to find your opposition, you’ll find the tournament code for your fixture displayed on your companion. To use the Tournament code, in client go to PLAY -> Custom -> Tournament Code (as shown below) and paste the entire code in the field provided.

LoL Client with tournament code

How to enter results

On your companion, you should see the option to enter the result for that match. We require both teams to enter the result, so that we can confirm the result is correct. If there’s a conflict, you’ll have to provide the Tournament admins proof that your result is correct (e.g. screenshot of end game screen).

What time are games?

What time are games Your first game will start at 6.45pm on Sunday, the game must start before 7.05pm otherwise a default win will be given to the team which is ready to play. Games are expected to be played straight after each other, please remember that games take a varying amount of time to play and delays and pauses can increase the game time. As a general rule of thumb, we expect each game to take around 1 hour, however, we encourage you to start as soon as both teams are ready. Roughly, this weeks games should start around:

  • Game 1: ~6.45pm
  • Game 2: ~7.45pm
  • Game 3: ~8.45pm
  • Game 4: ~9.45pm

If you find you have been waiting over 20mins to start the game and your opposition have finished their previous fixture, please contact the tournament admin team as default wins can be awarded if your opposition is time wasting.

Who to contact

During the tournament evening, the best way to contact the admins is via TeamSpeak (ts.thenuel.com:15557). If you’d like to speak to us beforehand, feel free to message us through the website, on our TeamSpeak server, in game or via email. Make sure you join our Facebook group too, where we’ll keep you informed of any issues or be able to answer your questions.

Where can I watch the games, can I stream my own?

We’ll be streaming games from our official Twitch channel. If you’d like to stream your own games, that’s fine, we ask that you don’t stream games that we are streaming on our official channel. Please bare in mind that if you are streaming, your opposition could easily ghost you.

Signups for this tournament are now closed.


We are still finalising this year's prizes. Last year winners were Nottingham Bears, they won:

  • Weekend at LCS in Berlin, including accommodation and travel.
  • Exclusive hoodie, styled on pro-winning jackets, only available to NUEL winners.
  • Trophy to be housed at university trophy cabinet.
  • Entry into collegiate invitational versus other university league winners with chance to win an additional trip to Berlin to watch the world finals.

We are looking to offer something something similar this year as well more RP prizes for top performing teams throughout the season.


Rules for National Championship Qualification

Full rules document will be available soon.

  • Teams are required to checkin in to confirm they still wish to play on sunday before 6pm. Teams who do not check in will be dropped from the tournament.
  • Results must be submitted by both captains via the companion before starting their next game.
  • Qualification Tournament Games start at 6:45pm.
  • We expect teams to remain sporting at all times, In the event of any flame or other poor sportsmanship please take screenshots and submit to admins.
  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous round match).
  • Rosters will be locked at Check in. You must have your final roster sorted. After rosters are locked one Emergency Sub can be added to the team. Emergency subs must be requested before round starts (fixture is generated) or they will not be able to play in that round.
  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.