LoL Community Aram Tournament


Greetings Summoners! Welcome to the first NUEL community event of the season! In the theme of the current society realm events we saw it fit to pay a visit to The Howling Abyss for an ARAM tournament!

Form a team of five to compete against other teams and take home the RP prize! We encourage players of all ranks and abilities to participate because you never know, the RNG gods could be on your side!

So sign up and fight to be crowned The Champions of the Freljord!

How to register

Once you’ve registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team, or join an existing one from your university

Team registration does not close once the tournament starts, and your free to join throughout the season.Teams can add new players and edit their roster throughout the tournament.

Need help?

Need help? Join the NUEL Discord where you can message our dedicated team of admins day or night! Additionally you can also reach us at support@thenuel.com


Stage Date Time
Registration open March 5
Registration close March 16 6pm
Captains Meeting March 16 6:45pm
Tournament Start March 16 7pm


Position Prize
1st 5x 790RP
2nd Pat on the back
3rd Pride
League of Legends University Series Format Infographic

Key rules everyone must know:

  • To participate, a player must have a valid League of Legends IGN linked to their NUEL account.
  • Player and team names should not contain any offensive or racist content.
  • After your game has concluded, both teams will submit a screenshot confirming their win or loss.

Regional Prizes

Position Prize
1st 5x 790RP
2nd 5x Pat on the back
3rd 5x Pride

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Not eligible to play

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No check-in required! Simply turn up for the captains meeting at 6:45pm, games will start at 7pm!

Log in to your account to create or join a team.


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