Hearthstone Campus Clash - Week 7


It's good to see you - pull up a chair and join us for the first season of the Hearthstone Campus Clash! This tournament uses a unique 3v3 format where you and two other students from your university play in collaboration to win the wooden trophy.

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple teams from the same university are welcome and we'll do our utmost to find opponents of a similar skill level to you.

The final tournament format and schedule will be announced when signups close.

How to register

Once you've registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team or join an existing one from your university.

Team registration does not close once the tournament starts, you're free to join throughout the season. Teams can add new players and edit their roster throughout the tournament.

Need help?

Need help? Feel free to look through our rules doc to see if that answers your questions, and we also highly recommend you join the NUEL Discord where you can message our dedicated team of admins day or night. Additionally you can also reach us at support@thenuel.com

Good luck!


Stage Date
Registration open Sept 17
Registration close Oct 8
National Tournament Oct 10 - Nov 14
Play-offs Nov 21 - Dec 5
Finals Dec 5


Position Prize
1st 3x ASUS Zenpad tablets with NUEL skin
2nd 3x £60 Battlenet vouchers
3rd 3x £30 Battlenet vouchers
4th 3x £15 Battlenet vouchers
Summer Tournament Format Infographic

Modified Swiss

Teams will be matched against other teams that have the same/ similar points (wins). We will pre generate a swiss bracket each week based on which teams have “checked-in” to play, this lets us avoid the problem of having to wait for all games in a round to finish before starting next round. This also helps us reduce playing the same team twice but does not eliminate rematches altogether.

Single Elimination Bracket

Teams are matched against each other based on seeding, with the lowest seed playing against the highest seed, the second highest seed playing against the second lowest seed and so on.E.g. 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th.

When a team loses they are eliminated from the tournament and the winners progress onto the next round, this occurs until there is one team left.

Hearthstone Campus Clash Rules

Key rules everyone must know:

  • Teams must submit 4 classes to play by 6:30pm to check in or they will not be entered into that night's games.
  • Teams need to submit 4 decks from unique classes, and may only use the 4 submitted decks that night.
  • Both Teams get one deck ban at the start of each b05 round.
  • Teams have 10 minutes to start first game after the scheduled start time for that round.
  • Either player may create the game and invite their opponent.
  • Games are Bo5 conquest. This means Teams keep playing until someone has got wins with both decks.
  • Screenshots must be taken after each game. These will be used to resolve disputes.
  • Results should be submitted by both teams after each round using the companion.


Position Prize
1st 3x ASUS Zenpad tablets with NUEL skin
2nd 3x £60 Battlenet vouchers
3rd 3x £30 Battlenet vouchers
4th 3x £15 Battlenet vouchers

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The tournament consists of two (2) best of five (bo5) Conquest matches a night where teammates all collectively play from one account against an opposing University.

Teams will bring 4 Decks and have one banned by the opposing team of players. The week on week format will be announced during signups to best accommodate for the teams wishing to play!

National Tournament

Week Matches at 7.15pm Deck submission Format
Week 1 Oct 10 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest
Week 2 Oct 17 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest
Week 3 Oct 24 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest
Week 4 Oct 31 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest
Week 5 Nov 7 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest
Week 6 Nov 14 6.30pm Bo5 Conquest


The format will move into a Single Elimination Bracket with the top eight (8) with a Best-Of-Seven (Bo7) Conquest Format for 3 weeks into the Grand Final for the top two teams!

Week Matches at 7.15pm Bracket Format
Week 1 Nov 21 Upper Bracket/Lower Bracket Bo7
Week 2 Nov 28 Upper Bracket/Lower Bracket Bo7
Week 3 Dec 5 Upper Bracket Finals/Lower Bracket Finals Bo7

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