CS:GO University Championships - Summer - Playoffs


Welcome the Summer Season of the CS:GO University Championship! Battle it out for fame against Universities up and down the UK for a chance to win steam vouchers

We encourage students of all skill levels across the UK to get involved. Multiple teams from the same university are welcome and we always try to find opponents of a similar skill level to you. Are you up for the challenge?

How to register

Once you’ve registered an account on the NUEL and verified your student status, you can either create your own team or join an existing one from your university.


Need help? Feel free to look through our rules doc to see if that clears up your issue, we also highly recommend you join the NUEL Discord where you can message our dedicated team of admins day or night! Additionally you can also reach us at support@thenuel.com


Stage Date
Registration open June 17
Swiss July 9 - July 30
Play-offs Aug 6 - Aug 20


Position Prize
1st £30 Steam gift vouchers
2nd £20 Steam gift vouchers
3rd £10 Steam gift vouchers
Summer Tournament Format Infographic

Modified Swiss

Teams will be matched against other teams that have the same/ similar points (wins). We will pre generate a swiss bracket each week based on which teams have “checked-in” to play, this lets us avoid the problem of having to wait for all games in a round to finish before starting next round. This also helps us reduce playing the same team twice but does not eliminate rematches altogether.

Single Elimination Bracket

Teams are matched against each other based on seeding, with the lowest seed playing against the highest seed, the second highest seed playing against the second lowest seed and so on.E.g. 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th.

When a team loses they are eliminated from the tournament and the winners progress onto the next round, this occurs until there is one team left.

CS:GO Rules

View full rules doc here.

Key rules everyone must know:

  • To participate, a player must have a valid Steam account linked to their NUEL account. The player must use this account to play any and all of their tournament matches.
  • Player and team names should not contain any offensive or racist content, and player avatars should be appropriate and decent.
  • Teams need to check in each week before the deadline or will not be given any fixtures for that week.
  • Teams may have a coach using the in game coaching system by doing “coach ct” or “coach t” in console.
  • Results must submitted by both captains on the tournament page before starting their next game. Screenshots of the final score should also be saved by both teams in case of a dispute.
  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20 mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous round match).
  • This tournament will be ran using the current competitive map pool.
  • Choice of side starting side will be determined by a knife round.

Map selection for Bo1s will be determined by teams taking turns to veto one map until only one map remains.

  • Team B removes one of the 7 maps.
  • Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps.
  • Team A picks one of the 5 remaining maps, will be played as 1st map.
  • Team B picks one of the 4 remaining maps, will be played as 2nd map.
  • Team B removes one of the 3 maps.
  • Team A removes one of the 2 remaining maps.
  • The last map will be, if needed, played as 3rd map.


Position Prize
1st £30 Steam gift vouchers
2nd £20 Steam gift vouchers
3rd £10 Steam gift vouchers

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The tournament consists of four (4) weeks of play where two (2) Best of one’s (Bo1) are played each night in a swiss style format. The Top 8 teams will then move into our Play-offs, which is a single elimination format where teams will play one (1) best of three (3) series a week until they are eliminated.

Tournament nights are every Tuesday with check ins required to ensure that you’re provided matches for that day.


Week Matches at 7.15pm Check in Closes Format
Week 1 July 9 6:30 2x Bo1
Week 2 July 16 6:30 2x Bo1
Week 3 July 23 6:30 2x Bo1
Week 4 July 30 6:30 2x Bo1


Playoffs for the top eight (8) teams will be a Single Elimination format.

Week Matches at 7.15pm Stage Format
Week 1 August 6 Quarter Finals 1x Bo3
Week 2 August 13 Semi Finals 1x Bo3
Week 3 August 20 Grand Finals / 3rd + 4th 1x Bo3

Signups for this tournament are now closed.


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