Rocket League Spring Tournament



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Sign-up Eligibility
Current student in the 2016/17 academic year with a verified NUEL account

Start Time

Number of Games
Everyone ~4, Finalists up to 6

Signup deadline
Saturday 18th March

Check in deadline
6.30pm on Sunday 19th March

PC / Steam


All games are on Sunday 19th March. Game will be played back to back starting 6.45pm

Start time Stage
7pm Group Stage: round 1
7.30pm Group Stage: round 2
8pm Group Stage: round 3
8.30pm Quarterfinals
9pm Semifinals
9.30pm Finals

Tournament overview

Exact tournament format will be determined by signup numbers. We are aiming to do a group stage followed by semis finals. If we get a large enough number of signups we will swap to a swiss style bracket.

Eligible to play

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Not eligible to play

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  • Chris Henshaw

    Lead Tournament Admin

    NUEL Hench


Log in to your account to create or join a team.


Teams MUST check in before 6.30pm, to check in go to your Tournament Companion and follow the instructions.

Any player can create game and all other players should join it. Each game should be named after fixture id (this can be found in tournament companion) eg. “R1:G1” and players should set the password to “nuel”.

Players are required to own a steam copy of Rocket League.

After signup teams must check in before 6pm on the match day to confirm they wish to play the following game setting must be used:

  • Server: Europe
  • Game Mode: Private Match
  • Size: 3on3
  • Match Time: 5 minutes
  • Map: DFH Stadium
  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.

All cars are available for selection, including DLC cars.

All players are expected to join game with 10 mins of scheduled start time.

All Group Games are bo3 (best of 3) and elimination games bo5.

All results should be submitted by both teams using tournament companion.