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King of The North Overwatch Qualifier


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Signup deadline
Friday 24th February at 21:00

Checkin deadline
Saturday 25th February at 10:30

Maximum of 2 teams per university.


Qualifier Round 1 25th February 2017
Qualifier Round 2 4th March 2017
Live Final Date TBC, Manchester

Tournament Structure


Teams battle it out in 2 single elimination tournaments to claim one of two tickets to the live final.

Live Final

The 2 top teams from the qualifiers will fight it out at the King of the North Gaming Festival in Manchester for prizes and glory!

Tournament format

2 online qualifiers for each game will take place in the weeks running up to King Of The North, the winners of each of these qualifiers will come to Manchester for the King of the North Gaming Festival to battle it out in a live final for prizes and the title of the King of The North!

All matches are best of three, with the qualifier finals and the live final being best of five.

King of the North Rules - Overwatch

The rules document can be found here.

  • The winner of each qualifier will be invited to the live final, held in Manchester on 15th (TBC) of March 2017. If you win you will be expected to attend. We will provide travel stipends for finalists.
  • All players must play on the battle.net that they signed up with.
  • In the event of a map tie, a best of one will be played on a specific control map. there are specific rules to determine which map to play. Please refer to the main rules document for more information.
  • Matches are best of three, apart from the qualifier finals and live final, which are best of five.
  • Become familiar with the main rules document, as this provides information on map selection.
  • The NUEL companion will tell you who picks first.
  • The tournament will be seeded based on ranking and past NUEL performance.
  • Participants are expected to report any unsportsmanlike conduct (Hacking, verbal abuse etc) to an admin with relevant evidence.


  • 1st Place TBA.
  • 2nd Place TBA.
  • 3rd Place TBA.

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  • Connor McBride

    Lead Tournament Admin


  • John Allen

    Tournament Admin



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