The National University eSports League

Our vision for the UK's university league

Our goals

As students we were frustrated with the lack of opportunities to express our interest in esports whilst at university, so back in 2010 we decided to change this. We wanted to provide everyone at university in the UK with the opportunity to:

  • Represent their university at esports
  • Meet likeminded people who share their passion for esports and have fantastic experience
  • Help gain useful experience and skills from within the esports industry

What we do

League of Legends National Championship

We run the UK’s university competition for League of Legends, The National Championship. Our goals are to allow university League of Legends players at any skill level to be able to compete against others of the same ability in a regular and exciting tournament across the academic year. We’ve created a specially designed tournament format which pitches similarly skilled teams against each other to ensure games remain competitive for not only the best teams, but for those who are trying to find their feet or just playing for fun.

2014/15 Season | Summer Season


New for our 2015/16 season will be Hearthstone, after running a few very successful test tournaments over the past few months it’s now time to roll out our first ever full season.

Summer Season


Last season we held our first ever live event at Loughborough University, NUEL Live. Our community travelled from across the country to meetup with each other, play games together and watch an esports events live in person. We had amazing support from leading industry names such as ESL, Riot Games, Twitch, Samsung SSD, Overlockers UK and ASUS.

VoDs | Photo album

Society support

Societies are the backbone of the university community and we want to ensure that they have the support, resources and tools required to create an awesome experience for their members. We have a dedicated team who work with each society’s NUEL Rep to offer our support and infrastructure as an organisation.


We are a proud Twitch partner who streams a selection of games from each of our tournaments each week. Through this we want to help provides opportunities for the next generation of casters to develop and give them a platform to be recongnised in the industry.

Twitch Channel


There are fascinating stories happening across our community which we want to make sure get heard, we have both an editorial team producing written content for our blog and video production team creating content for our YouTube channel.


Super Team

Our community has many talented players who often get to play against each other, but being at different universities, don’t get to play together. We want to provide opportunities for players at all skill levels, and our support for the best players comes through the Super Team. We’ve brought together the top players to compete in the next level of competition in the UK.

The NUEL Super have qualified for ESL’s UK Premiership competing against the best UK teams, you can follow their progress here.

The Team

  • Josh Williams


    NUEL Josh


  • Tom Davies

    Web Developer

    NUEL Tom


  • Ruihai Youngblood

    Society Development Lead

    RL Youngblood


  • Chris Henshaw

    LoL & HS Tournament Lead

    NUEL Hench


  • Rory Wiltshire

    Stream Lead



  • Peter Dakin

    Written Content Lead



  • Luke Bryant

    Social Media Lead



  • Jay Massaad

    Video Content Lead